• It is known as the port of entry to the European market, which has 500 million consumers and 170 million consumers living within a radius of just 500 kilometers from Rotterdam.
  • This port is accessible through five modes of transport: road, rail, river, coastal and inland pipeline. Goods arriving in the morning may be in Germany, Belgium, France and Britain in the afternoon.
  • From Rotterdam, all major industrial, logistical and economic centers of Western Europe can be reached in less than 24 hours.
  • It is located on the estuary of the Rhine and Meuse rivers. From Rotterdam it is possible to get into the heart of Europe efficiently and economically.
  • The railroad the Betuwe Route is 160 kilometers in length allows the transfer of goods directly to Germany. Mother-ships for maritime transport services connect via the port of Rotterdam with more than 200 European ports, often with several departures a day.
  • Because of its central location and excellent intermodal connections, it is one of the World’s busiest transshipment ports for containerised cargo.
  • Each year, about 400 million tons of cargo are handled, there arrive approximately 35,000 sea ships and there arrive 110,000 ships through the waterways from the center of Europe.